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About McLaw

Mac McLaw is a German independent author from the Ruhr area who has a secret connection to Scotland and the Scots.

The unusual fully-qualified lawyer is a child of the 80s and 90s and a border crosser between worlds who does not fit into any particular category.

He has experienced everything from bartending to prosecuting attorney and much more.

An inexhaustible source of material for his books.


For his poems books you could say:
Linkin Park, Placebo and Damien Saez press it onto a CD, McLaw between
two book covers.

People say that maybe he is one of the last real romantics.
But maybe that is only half of the truth…
He is also a rebel who wants to speak about the awkward things, to make people
With a lot of feeling and having a very keen eye, he tries to get to the heart
of things and to describe them how they happen before his own eyes…


Published books from Mac McLaw so far:
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Novel / Thriller: »GRUNDRAUSCHEN« (German)

Poetry: »Wie ein wilder Sturm« (German)

Poetry: »Love Me – Hate Me – LOVE ME« (English)

Poetry: »Scottish Heart – German Soul« (English)

Poetry: »Jungs weinen nicht« (German)

Novel: »Dreamhunter« (German)


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„Grundrauschen“ (German)

„Wie ein wilder Sturm“ (German)

„Love Me – Hate Me – LOVE ME“ (Englisch)

„Scottish Heart – German Soul“ (Englisch)

„Jungs weinen nicht“ (German)

„Dreamhunter“ (German)


The heart of the unusual former lawyer and football fan beats for the
underdogs of this world and he loves language, the exchange of cultures and
ideas, nature, good books, good movies and music over all…