Mac McLaw

Scottish Heart – German Soul

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Love, Passion, Tears, Revolution and Romance!

»Scottish Heart – German Soul« is a poems book – emotional from the beginning to the end… This anthology of 43 poems and 16 original McLaw photos is beautiful, dirty and deep, pure emotional poetry, and it is first and foremost a tribute to love and life!



The Dreamer

There´s a guy who likes the sun
Who likes the birds and the wind
Often he sits there lonely
Reflecting on God and the world

People often call him crazy
Call him foolish
Call him mad

They say he thinks too much
And anyway they´re right
And they are wrong
He makes himself life hard.


The book is a mixture of James Dean and Franz Kafka put into a book, sensitive, melancholy, sad, hopeful, nostalgic, searching for solutions, keeping hope and desires…
It is deep and profound with an extraordinary style of independence. A book full of hidden wisdom and sometimes dark, sometimes glowing poetry… happy, pure joy, a book about feelings, resistance, mysteries, fantasies, passion and punk…!

The collection features poems written at various points in McLaw’s career as a writer, lawyer, keen life observer and lover. A book full of poems and emotions… time after time, the reader will discover a new meaning…

Have a break, read and enjoy! …view the world differently!

»Scottish Heart – German Soul« is part two of the Poems / Songs series which is composed of: »Jungs weinen nicht« (Volume I written in German), »Scottish Heart – German Soul« (Volume II in English), »Love Me – Hate Me – LOVE ME« (Volume III also in English) and »Wie ein wilder Sturm der Liebe« (Volume IV in German). Mac McLaw made his debut with the German novel »Dreamhunter«, a crazy passionate love story!