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And when you see the white light coming,

Everything will be fine.


(© Mac McLaw – published on Instagram: summer 2018)

Until she comes

From out of nowhere

Here comes your man

Hungry as the hunter

In my head

Like a hurricane

I wanna be your dog.


Come as you are

And I

Get over you

Stay with me

And our

Red line

Will become a

Sea of love.


Oh, Amelia

Paradise will shine like the moon

Time has come


I lost my mind.


Like a


You are

One in a million

No fun

Don’t stop

And I’ll be your

Slave to love.


And if I’m

Falling to pieces

So what

The world won’t stop.


Sweet soul sister

I’m your

Sun King

And you are my

Fire Woman.


Me myself and I

Waiting for you

Here today.


Like a

Girl from another space

Even better than the real thing

You are my

Brand-new toy.


I do what I do

And to

Shoot you down

With a

Second shot

Is like

Love like blood.


Everybody knows

There is a

Stairway to heaven


There is a light that never goes out

Until she comes.


(© Mac McLaw – years ago, but first published: summer 2018)


I miss your love.

I miss you, Love.

I miss, you love.


(© Mac McLaw – published on Instagram: spring 2018)

…Happy Or Unhappy…

„It isn’t what you have,

or who you are,

or where you are,

or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy.

It is what you think about.“

(© Mac McLaw – Autumn 2011)

The Dreamer

There´s a guy who likes the sun
Who likes the birds and the wind
Often he sits there lonely
Reflecting on God and the world

People often call him crazy
Call him foolish
Call him mad

They say he thinks too much
And anyway they´re right
And they are wrong
He makes himself life hard.

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Scottish Heart – German Soul«)

Made In Heaven

One day you will meet
That unique person

And you will realize
That you already know
Each other

Your love was built years before
A life before
Lost in death

The other reborn like you
To find each other again
Down here on earth

You met before and loved
In heaven

Died on earth

And found
Your unique Love

Made In Heaven

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

Finally We Got It

´90, ´74, ´54

And nothing more

God knows we tried it

All that we had

God knows what we gave

In these times of brave

Germany – 2006

We tried a new mix

Here at home – new beginning

But finally no winning

New plans, new structure, a new generation

But no experience and no situation

In an open German country

We celebrated a party

Here with the whole world

We got back our proud

Austria – Switzerland – 2008

We still had to wait

A better Spain

We still too young to win

South Africa – 2010

Müller suspended

Style great, young and offensive

But not cool enough

Poland – Ukraine – 2012

We beat ourself

With wrong Italy tactic

Löw made fans fall sick

God knows we tried it again and again

God knows we deserved it since years

The fans thought their dreams no one hears

But then… but then…

Brazil – 2014

We found a real team

We found all the talents

With friendship and tactics

We wanted it so deep!

And had harmony you need

Thousands are in Brazil

Be near the dream to feel

80 millions with you at home

And thousands in the stadium

Glorious 7:1 in semi finals

And breaking so many old records

Our 16 goals top scorer star

1st Europeans winning ever in America

Such a great and fair playing team

Friendship, trust and harmony

And a goalie like a wall

In the end it fitted all

We got one more

Our new star four

Finally… Finally… we got our call

The new World Champion of Football!

Finally… Finally…

Finally we got it!

Finally… Finally…

Finally we got it!

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

You Can Choose

You can choose


On the one hand

There is this situation

That you have a real real love

And you are loved, too

By your adored person

What a wonderful life

And when all is perfect

And your love is so pure

Then this adored person dies

Dead and exists no more

Here on earth

Imagine the other situation

You love a person like never before

And you are loved, too

By your adored person

What a wonderful life

And when all is perfect

And your love is so pure

Then this adored person

Ends the relationship

And goes away – from you


Dead and exists no more

For you!

For others always and every day there

Dead only for you!

You can choose your situation

What would you choose?

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

Bumping Heart

My back up against the wall

My heart still bumping in these hands

Remembers me to the film of Indiana Jones

Heart ripped out of the body

But now it´s my body

My strong body – once

Now week and back up against the wall

My heart in these hands

Blood dripping down

My heart bumps – still

Still some seconds to go

Then no more movement

It´s over

I slip down the wall

The last I saw was these hands

Holding my heart

Dripping blood

And her smiling face


(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

For The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Millions lost their honeys

Millions lost their great love

Millions cried for that loneliness in their beds

Millions thought of killing themselves for that

Millions were told life goes on

Millions got no second chance

Millions were so sad to lose their faith in God

Millions, millions, millions

But “mince”

I´m alone and I don´t care

It is ME who lives this fucking life

Millions, millions, millions

But we are all alone with our little lives

No cure, no medicine

Only time who will stop your bleeding

If you are lucky

Millions bleed for the rest of their little lives

I bleed for the beauty of your eyes!

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

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