Mac McLaw

Finally We Got It

´90, ´74, ´54

And nothing more

God knows we tried it

All that we had

God knows what we gave

In these times of brave


Germany – 2006

We tried a new mix

Here at home – new beginning

But finally no winning

New plans, new structure, a new generation

But no experience and no situation


In an open German country

We celebrated a party

Here with the whole world

We got back our proud


Austria – Switzerland – 2008

We still had to wait

A better Spain

We still too young to win


South Africa – 2010

Müller suspended

Style great, young and offensive

But not cool enough


Poland – Ukraine – 2012

We beat ourself

With wrong Italy tactic

Löw made fans fall sick


God knows we tried it again and again

God knows we deserved it since years

The fans thought their dreams no one hears

But then… but then…


Brazil – 2014

We found a real team

We found all the talents

With friendship and tactics

We wanted it so deep!

And had harmony you need


Thousands are in Brazil

Be near the dream to feel

80 millions with you at home

And thousands in the stadium

Glorious 7:1 in semi finals

And breaking so many old records

Our 16 goals top scorer star

1st Europeans winning ever in America


Such a great and fair playing team

Friendship, trust and harmony

And a goalie like a wall

In the end it fitted all


We got one more

Our new star four

Finally… Finally… we got our call

The new World Champion of Football!


Finally… Finally…

Finally we got it!


Finally… Finally…

Finally we got it!


(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)