Mac McLaw


For The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Millions lost their honeys

Millions lost their great love

Millions cried for that loneliness in their beds

Millions thought of killing themselves for that

Millions were told life goes on

Millions got no second chance

Millions were so sad to lose their faith in God

Millions, millions, millions

But “mince”

I´m alone and I don´t care

It is ME who lives this fucking life

Millions, millions, millions

But we are all alone with our little lives

No cure, no medicine

Only time who will stop your bleeding

If you are lucky

Millions bleed for the rest of their little lives

I bleed for the beauty of your eyes!

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Love me – Hate me – LOVE ME«)

The Little Prince

The little prince

Coming down to earth

Somewhere in the dark

No whisper, no spark

Recognizes nothing worth.


He cannot wait the world

Waking up to see him

Shaking his little head

Throwing his view onto the sea


Listen to his face laughing

Look to his heart,

It´s not dead.


Yes, you can believe me

He´s someone special.


A heart full of poems,

A soul full of yearnings,

But nothing of his dreams

Is to become real.


Only lighten gems

Followed by worthless things,

There is only one person to love

It seems.


(© Mac McLaw – from: »Scottish Heart – German Soul«)

The One I Love

A poem to the one I love

A poem of hope and fury

A sign of fire in the dark

It goes round and round

No one there to stop its turn

No one there to kill the light

The world is dark

But I got a light

That never goes out

Not now

Not now

It will never burn down

Only the distance makes me

Feel so lonely

But my thoughts go hundreds of miles

To search the one I love

To imagine her smile

To see her body

In the light of a full moon

Somewhere in the snow.

(© Mac McLaw – from: »Scottish Heart – German Soul«)

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