Mac McLaw

Until she comes

From out of nowhere

Here comes your man

Hungry as the hunter

In my head

Like a hurricane

I wanna be your dog.


Come as you are

And I

Get over you

Stay with me

And our

Red line

Will become a

Sea of love.


Oh, Amelia

Paradise will shine like the moon

Time has come


I lost my mind.


Like a


You are

One in a million

No fun

Don’t stop

And I’ll be your

Slave to love.


And if I’m

Falling to pieces

So what

The world won’t stop.


Sweet soul sister

I’m your

Sun King

And you are my

Fire Woman.


Me myself and I

Waiting for you

Here today.


Like a

Girl from another space

Even better than the real thing

You are my

Brand-new toy.


I do what I do

And to

Shoot you down

With a

Second shot

Is like

Love like blood.


Everybody knows

There is a

Stairway to heaven


There is a light that never goes out

Until she comes.


(© Mac McLaw – years ago, but first published: summer 2018)